The object of Port Service Towing is to provide the Port of Huelva of the floating means and smaller tugs necessary to carry safely nautical maneuvers merchant ships in shallow waters and internal maneuvers of fishing vessels and smaller vessels, and any towage port activity that may be called in shallow waters and requiring the assistance of traction  within the service area of the Port of Huelva.

The port services of towage are those corresponding to:

  • Berthing ships.
  • Towing of the boats at the internal traffic within the waters of the port.
  • Firefighting Service
  • Services to combat marine pollution.  

For this we count on the following means:

  • Four tugs smaller size between 600 and 2030 H. P. (See FLEET section)
  • Tugs with maximum drafts that allow you to evolve safely for all active areas of the 3rd section of the port, at low tide higher coefficient.
  • The adequate means the allow the fast installation of poles,tanks and pumps of dispersant spraying, supplied in drums, transport and / or laying of fences, use of skimmers, collection containers.
  • Tugs equipped with fire-fighting equipment.
  • Tugs provided with ropes,chains and tow with firing system.